Electric Gate FAQs

We aim to answer all your questions on everything regarding electric gates.  If you can’t find the answer you need, please do contact us and we will be happy to help.

I’ve not bought electric gates before – where do I start?

Simply contact us!  We are happy to visit you, see where the gates will go, and discuss all the options with you.  We’ll explain everything simply and clearly.  There’s no obligation and no pressure.

Can you automate my existing manual gate? 

We often convert existing gates into an automatic electric gates.  There’s lots of information about this on our gate installation page.  Of course, we’ll have to check things like the type and condition of the gates, and the availability of space for the automation machinery.  We’re happy to visit you to do this.  Automating an existing gate is a quick process: we usually finish the job in one day.

Can you automate my garage door?

Yes, no problem.  We automate all kinds of garage doors, including up-and-over, roller, and hinged doors.  For details please click here.

Wooden electric gates need regular painting: is there an maintenance free alternative?

There is.  Our synthetic electric gates look just like wooden gates, and are maintenance free.

Do I need planning permission from my council for an electric gate?

That depends.  Automating an existing manual gate does not need planning permission.  Adding a new electric gate probably will, so it’s always best to check with your local council.

Are electric gates reliable?

Our electric gates are very reliable.  To support this reliability we recommend one of our a routine preventative maintenance packages: please contact us to find out more.

Where do you source your electric gate systems?

We use systems from CAME because of their quality, reliability, ease of use, and technical excellence.

Do you offer a maintenance service?

We do.  Our routine maintenance service makes sure your gates are giving ensure optimum performance, increases their reliability, and helps extend their working life.  Plus, they can identify and rectify minor issues before they develop into major issues.

What happens is my gate gets damaged, say by a careless driver?

Simply contact us  and we will come and mend it.  Then, if the damage is serious,  talk to your insurance company about recovering the costs.

How do I control my electric gate?

There are lots of options, which can easily be combined.  Just choose whatever works best for you.  The options include radio remote control key fobs, internal release buttons with intercoms, and numeric keypads.  To allow visitors to leave you can use release buttons or keypads inside your premises.

What’s the range of your remote control key fobs?

Usually the range is about 20 to 20 metres, which is more than enough in most situations.  If you have a requirement for a longer range we can do this by adding an extra ariel.

The range can be reduced by things like low batteries, and obstacles between the remote control and the gate.

Can I open my gates without getting out of my car?

Yes – that’s one of the main reason people choose electric gates.  Our remote controls work perfectly from inside you car.  This is very convenient: there’s no need to get out of your car into the cold and the rain.  It’s also secure: car jackers target drivers who leave the car running while they open their gates.

Do you use sub-contractors to install your gates?

No.  Some of our competitors use sub-contractors to install gates, to save a few pounds.  We only use our own staff, so that we can be sure the job will be done properly, and the customer service will meet our high standards.  Our staff are well trained and experienced.  They understand that we expect them to deliver excellent customer service, all the time.

Are your electric gates guaranteed?

Of course – for 12 months.

Should I choose metal or wood for my electric gates?

That’s a personal choice.  Wooden gates often look very attractive, and can fit in with the character of period properties.  Metal gates are usually slightly cheaper, and require less maintenance: all our metal gates are powder-coated for long-lasting and robust finish.  Which do you think would work best for you?

How long does it take you to install a gate?

For domestic gates it usually takes one or two days to complete the installation.  This depends on factors like how far we have to run the power  cables to reach the mains, and on the gate control system you have chosen.  We will discuss this with you as part of our site survey.

Should electric gates be installed by a professional?
Always.  Installing a gate so that it will be both safe and reliable is a skilled task.

Whereabouts in Essex do you work?

We manufacture our gates in Harlow in West Essex, and most of our clients are in the surrounding area: East Herts, West Essex and North London.  We’re happy to go farther afield, so if you are outside Essex please do get in touch. We  regularly work in all the major towns near our Harlow base, including Chelmsford, Ware and Stortford.